Photo Gadget Pro 2.5
Price: $19.90

Size: 1.98MB

Rotate, resize, crop and rename images.
Add a caption or frame, apply effects and filters.
Carry out format conversions.


  Photo Gadget Pro 2.5
  Upload to Flickr web site
  If you are using Flickr to keep and share your photos online, you will now be able to use Photo Gadget Pro for uploading photos directly to your Flickr account. Like with any other option in the program simply make a selection of photos in Windows Explorer, then right-click the selection and choose the new Upload to Flickr option from the menu.

  Photo Gadget Pro 2.4
  Full screen preview for Caption & Frame and Effects/Filters
  When you are adding a caption and/or frame to a picture or applying some effects/filters you can get the full screen preview of the result by clicking the corresponding button that is now available with those functions.

  Photo Gadget Pro 2.3
  Flip picture effect
  This is a mirror-like effect where you can choose the flipping axis between vertical and horizontal.

  Target JPG file size for resizing and format conversion
  If you need picture files in JPG format not bigger than a specified file size this option available for picture resize and format conversion actions will do the job. To use the option simply enable Max file size option and set the target file size. In that case the program optimizes JPG compression to get a file size close to your target. There is a price to pay for this convenience of course. Processing pictures with Max file size option enabled will take significantly longer time. Also, when you put a constraint on file size you can not control picture quality. Therefore if you have a large resolution picture and small target file size you may end up with poor output picture quality so use this option with care.

  Lossless rotation
  In addition to four standard output picture qualities for JPG format there is now so called lossless rotation option in the picture Rotate dialog. When that option is enabled the rotated output picture will be of the same quality as the original.

  Photo Gadget Pro 2.0
  Cropping pictures
  Crop function includes free rectangular selection, fixed size crop area and keep aspect option to constrain proportions while selecting crop area. Please note that you can do cropping for only one picture at a time so even if you make multiple picture selection in Windows Explorer the program will allow you to crop only one of them.

  Photo Gadget Pro 1.5
  Effects & Filters
  Effects and filters show up as the new option in the right-click context menu. Currently available are grayscale, invert colors and sepia. Grayscale transforms the original picture so colors contained in the output picture are only black, white, or any shade of gray. Invert colors creates a color negative of the original picture so all color values in the output picture are inverted values of colors contained in the original. Sepia is a brown pigment used in the past for printing photographs. The effect is popular in digital photography as well.

  Transparency in marking pictures with graphics
  When marking pictures with graphics you can now choose the level of transparency for the graphics file you use and immediately see how the result fits in the preview box.