Photo Gadget Pro
Price: $19.90

Size: 1.98MB

Rotate, resize, crop and rename photos & images.
Add a caption or frame, apply effects and filters.
Carry out format conversions. Upload to Flickr.


  Image format conversion with Photo Gadget Pro
  1. Open the folder with images in Windows Explorer.
  2. Select images you want to convert.
  3. Right click the selection, choose Photo Gadget Pro – Format conversion option, select "Output picture format" and click Convert.


  • supported image file formats are JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA
  • when you select JPG for output you can also choose picture quality low, medium, high or best
  • sometimes it may be useful to perform conversion from JPG format into JPG format just to get different file size depending on the output picture quality (for example, a 4,820KB JPG file created by the camera converted to 5,108KB file in best quality, 1,047KB in high quality, 719KB in medium quality and 491KB in low quality)
  • if you want to convert from JPG to JPG do not forget to disable "Skip picture if in the same format as output" option