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Record, summarize and share your meetings


Minutes of Meeting Recorder 4.5

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Build: 45081016
File size: 2.78MB (exe file)
Supported OS: Win 2000/XP/Vista


Screen Shot: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Keep meeting discussion and text summary
in one file
Meeting summary organized as subject,
date and place, present people, agenda,
actions and closure
Audio recorder features: keyboard shortcuts,
exact time positioner, mouse wheel support,
voice operated recording, exporting
Use microphone or any other available
source for recording
Print meeting summary
Real-time OGG Vorbis audio compression
Built-in audio editor for making cut-outs
Special transcription playback mode


This program helps you record and summarize your meetings.

Built-in sound recorder offers real-time OGG compression and features transcription playback mode, editor for making cut-outs, ETP positioning bar, mouse wheel support and a selection of keyboard shortcuts with the most important controls accessible in off-focus mode.

The range of available sound qualities starts with 8-bit mono sound sampled at 11KHz and ends with high quality 16-bit stereo sound sampled at 192KHz. The program provides rich-text fields enabled with basic formatting options so you can easily write a meeting summary with subject, date and place, present people, agenda, actions and closure.

Both your text notes and sound recordings are saved to the same meeting file that you can easily share. Additionally, the program can export meeting notes to an RTF file and recordings to WAV, OGG or MP3 files. Meeting file size can go up to 2GB which gives you plenty of recording time depending on the chosen quality.

- if your microphone can not pick up meeting discussion try to find one designed for conferences.
- if you are recording to meeting file with audio compression and the result is chunky that means your computer does not have enough power for performing real-time compression; it can also happen on more powerful computers if during recording you perform some other tasks that require intensive CPU and/or hard disk engagement.


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